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The most satisfying part of this business are the compliments and letters from our customers.

Being in the entertainment industry, I am always under the lights. My hair looks awesome. I feel extremely confident of who I am with hair. Your staff at HRC II are all professional and at the same time make you feel like a family member. Thank you

                                                                     ~ Singer C Barrios

I am a very active person and have put my hair to the test. I play basketball for a local university. I go camping, skiing, boating, and weight training. I am in a Christian Band and play bass. In the spot light, I look and feel confident, younger, and my self-esteem is sky high. Life is Good!

                                                                       ~ M. Maldonado

In the short time I have been a client of HRC II, I have found the adjustment of having hair to be amazingly smooth. I did not make the decision to go with a hair replacement lightly. I have used many products to try and save my existing hair. I looked into such medical procedures as, hair transplants and scalp shrinking. I am so confident in my decision to go with HRC II, and would not hesitate to recommend you to others.

                                                                       ~ Lisa B

Three years ago I had surgical procedures done for hair growth and it was not successful. Now my head is permanently damaged. As a woman, losing hair is not a good thing. I am so happy with HRC II and they have given me new self-confidence.

                                                                       ~ Julie A

I've been going here for 18 years. Good quality hair pieces and the best prices around, especially for the monthly on going service.  Very friendly staff and NO pressure like at the hair club for men, etc.

                                                                 *Robert K


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